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The Talus

Hello all!

I feel like it's becoming a tradition for me to start off these posts by saying that we've been busy and it's been a while since I last posted. Oh dear I'm becoming predictable!

Saying that, with the majority of the game good to go, it's all the little tweaks that we've been making to models and the game itself that has taken up quite a bit of time. This is why we've not been showing off more of our models from the other forces. If you see the blog post featuring the Grays, you'll see a before and after image of the Nilayan. We were so excited to start showing off the Grays that we overlooked parts that could be improved.

You all deserve a game that just works from start to finish.

We've also come up with some new add-ons that you will be able to grab during the Kickstarter too. So keep an eye out for those if I can remember to do a blog post about them.

Onto the main topic of this blog post...

The Talus.

As has been mentioned in previous posts, and on the faction's Force page, the Talus are a force with non-weapon...weapons.

As weird as that sounds, within the lore, the Talus were created by mankind to stretch out into the stars and essentially prepare certain worlds for our arrival, as well as collect resources and run completely independent in completing this task.

In our attempt to keep things "peaceful", we created them with a "no attack" policy and to only have the tools for the task at hand.

This has led to many nights scrambling through real world mining tools and techniques, as well as putting a little bit of a sci-fi twist to some of them to create what looks awesome on the tabletop. Rule of cool and all that.

The way the Talus force plays on the table top is not as straight forward as the other forces. Talus are all about being connected with their command equivalent models to boost certain characteristics and gain certain abilities.

Like being connected to WiFi.

Some models don't require being connected to operate at their base but can still be improved by command abilities.

Extra movement? Done.

Extra ballistic power? No worries!

In creating a robot force we didn't want to just give you another android/humanoid faction with metallic features. Robots wouldn't have a need for things like a "head" so we've tried to steer clear of personification/anthropomorphism.

In doing so I hope you all enjoy the style of the Talus and are one of the forces you pick when the kickstart goes live.

As always...

Cheers for reading and happy gaming!

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2023

well excited for this game! look forward to the Kickstarter 😀

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