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Hidden just beyond the visible plane of existence and holding up the entirety of reality as we know it is the Latent Skeletal Subspace Field, LSSF, or more colloquially 'the Latent'.

Effectively acting as a 'parallel universe' the Latent exists alongside our known four dimensional spacetime in an additional dimension that allows matter contained within to no longer fully interact with our laws of physics.


To the best of our understanding, the structure of the Latent consists of web like conduits stretching across the entire universe converging wherever matter in our spacetime reaches a large enough mass to create significant gravity, eg. stars, planets and black holes.

At the points where several conduits meet, the 'shell' of the subspace field 'thins', allowing energy resonating at just the right frequency to pass back and forth between the two realms. Physical matter consisting of incredibly specific chemical makeups that resonate at the correct frequency can also phase out of existence in our universe and travel into and through the LSSF.


The visual representation of a computer model showing how the LSSF would likely connect multiple star systems across vast interstellar distances, with additional and much larger conduits converging at the more massive celestial bodies. 


The Latents main tangible value comes in the form of faster than light communication and travel. Information sent out at the correct frequency phases through the Latent and is 'broadcast' out at every convergent point along the conduits. Data being sent is best encrypted before doing so as there is no control as to where it phases out of the Latent or how long it continues to travel along the conduits.

Matter comprising of a perfect chemical composition can also phase in to the Latent if resonating at an ideal frequency. The Watchers, being energy based, can easily utilise the LSSF, and have also learnt to transport Athenium and Vanadium along with them. Harakian Interstellar Seeders can produce some ova that resonate at a phase inducing frequency, although this seems to be purely accidental and is dependent on the individual ovum produced and is not guaranteed.

The Latent seems to not fully conform with our laws of physics, and therefore how energy and matter travel at FTL speeds can still only be hypothesised. However, it has been deduced by numerous scientific studies that it most likely works in a similar way to the gyroresonant scattering we observe in some planetary magnetospheres.

Gyroresonant scattering [or pitch-angle scattering] occurs when a charged particle is moving in a background magnetic field while undergoing gyromotion. If the particle comes into contact with a circularly-polarized electromagnetic wave then it interacts with its electric field. To the moving particle, the wave appears as if it is Doppler shifted, and if this waves frequency is close to the particles gyro-frequency, the rotating electric field of the wave oscillates between adding or removing energy from the particle. As the particle moves along the wave the fluctuation between deacceleration and acceleration allows the particle to 'surf' the wave, picking up small amounts of speed and allowing it to travel faster than an identical particle not interacting with the wave.

It is believed that the conduits within the Latent allow for the same 'surfing' of matter and energy but on a much larger scale, allowing for speeds to quickly build up and surpass the velocity of light in a vacuum.

All communications sent through the Latent arrive almost instantaneously.

The Origin could phase into the Latent and travel up to 1.67 times the speed of light.

Harakian interstellar ova travel up to 3.98 times the speed of light in the LSSF.

The Watchers being comprised of mainly energy could theoretically travel through the Latent as quickly as communications, however combined with their Athenium and Vanadium they can travel up to 5.3 times the speed of light.

The Humans, Grays and Talus have yet to determine how to access the LSSF to transport matter.


All known forces can utilise the LSSF for FTL communications but only the Origin, Watchers and Harakian Interstellar Ova have the perfect chemical compositions and resonating frequency to phase their beings in and out of the Latent.


It has now been theorised that the Latent could explain and unify the concepts of both dark energy and dark matter.

Visible matter makes up less than 5% of the total matter-energy composition of the universe. Dark matter is said to make up approximately 27% with around 68% being comprised of dark energy. As neither had ever been observed scientists could only hypothesise as to their origin, makeup or even existence.

Dark matter doesn't interact with the electromagnetic field and doesn't absorb, reflect or emit any form of radiation. Its very existence was only proposed due to observations showing that galaxies and the bodies within would act very differently without a large amount of unseen matter and many wouldn't move the way they currently do or even exist at all. So we can infer from this that whatever dark matter is, it only interacts with the universe gravitationally.

It would seem that where the Latents conduits converge to the point of allowing travel in and out of them it also allows their gravitational field to latch on to and affect matter in our spacetime. This explains how these entry/exit points stay adjacent to celestial bodies in our universe and when calculations are made to account for the gravitational mass added by the Latent it almost exactly correlates with what scientists observe in their computer models.

It is also theorised that dark energy is responsible for the continued expansion of the universe, and its highly negative pressure effectively causes this growth to accelerate. The friction generated by the gyroresonant scattering in the background magnetic field of the Latents conduits causes hugely powerful positive charges to run along them. This in turn creates an opposing negatively charged pressure outside of the conduits. It can be hypothesised that this negative pressure, still gravitationally linked to the subspace fabric of our universe, causes and compounds its expansion. This negative energy is un-massive, homogeneous and dilute which allows it to disperse evenly and quickly to fill the space between the conduits, a positional uniformity also previously attributed to dark energy.


Several 'dark fluid' theories postulated that there is only one type of matter responsible for all these effects and not separate dark matter and dark energy. It appears that the Latents 'physical' properties and perceived influence unifies the concepts of dark matter and dark energy and are more akin to the concept of a dark fluid theory.


The Latent could in fact be the theorised 'dark fluid' that gravitationally interacts with our spacetime in order to produce the combined effects of both dark energy and dark matter.

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