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Where Did 2023 Go?

Hello all,

First thing I'm going to say is WOW!! Does time fly this time of year?

Been genuinely meaning to write this for the last month.

Not much of an update on production other than saying that it's all going well and there's been no major hiccoughs since the resin order and having to resupport/mess around with printing settings due to the resin.

Yes, with winter and the sudden drop of temperature comes a lot of printing failures but with hindsight from past winters and a heater we've manage to cicrumvent those pesky heating issues.

Organising Our Lives

This image is of what part of my living room looks like currently. Don't want to know what Alex's looks like!

Inside each of these mushroom trays are the Human vs Gray Initiate Boxes that you have orded and else where are the other combinations and extras.

I've even made a little tick sheet for myself so that with every attachment complete I can then move on and don't lose track of whats been printed vs what's not.

Still, with the understanding of human error, we'll still need to go through every single attachment and make sure that all of the pieces are there for you. Don't want anybody missing their head now do we?

Don't know why im leaving the larger models till last, just the way my brain ordered things. But the flying bases? Those being left till last is due to needing to change resin and as some of you may know, that's an annoying task!

So. Many. 32mm bases...

A positive twist on the setbacks of resupporting models and tweaking settings for printing meant I had to go back through certain files. Having had a good look through them we've added additional parts to certain kits.

So with the Human Force, you're getting additional Shotgun options for your Shield guard models and your Major now comes with different arm options. Don't worry if you've ordered the other forces, you've also been given the same treatment. Enjoy customability.

With how printing is going, yes, this does mean that we could have completed some boxes by now and sent them on their way, but we wanted everyone to get their orders as close to eachother's as possible as that's only fair.

Production will also be amped up very soon as we do have a much larger printer arriving. Once I wrap my head around that one it can slip straight into line and get these models done so all of you can enjoy your game!

It's a real rinse and repeat part of our lives getting all of these made which is definately why my brain lost track of writting this when I wanted to. Days and evenings blurr into one and by the time we know it a weeks gone by.

Thank you all for your incredible patience and invested interest. We're still excited to bring this to you and are still just as excited as when it started to have you play War On Terra.

The Future of War On Terra is looking GOOD!

We can't say much, but there's something really exciting in the works surrounding War On Terra which will hopfully be brought to the world early next year.

We will obviously keep you all in the loop regarding this exciting new development.

Whats more to say than keep your eyes focused this way!

Hope you all have an amazing end to your 2023!

This year has been life changing in many ways for us and we hope to be able to share 2024 with you all through the games we love!

Will & Alex

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