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Hello all!

It has been a little while since the last blog post, but like always that does not mean we are not busy working on the Game. It's all our lives are now around current work and... other life.

In this blog post I wanted to actually deliver to you what we've been saying since the UK Games Expo in June, and that's making 2 Intelligence Records available so that you can head to the rules section and play a test game right at home!

Before I do that though I wanted to introduce to you the main Troop choice for the Talus Force.

This is a LXX4 - Drone.

Designing the Talus models was...interesting. As a Force they have no "weapons" so to speak, (You can read why on the Talus' Force Page here on the website) that meant we had to think more creatively in how to give them not only ranged attacks but combat attacks as well.

So how did we get around that task? As you may have noticed on the model there is only one "weapon". This is a Twin Setting T.L.E. Throughout the Talus Force there are certain models whose weapons have 2 settings, a ranged setting and a close setting. What this is, is the Talus Drone focusing its drilling laser in an "uncaring" high concentrated beam to get through hard material. Whereas the close setting is when it needs to drop that range and be more "delicate" on where to target if there are resources around.

The way the Talus are looking have me really excited to bring you more of them in the near future and to finally have you play with your own Talus force when the game comes to Kickstarter.

Okay, onto the Test Game!!!

Within the Rules Section there is everything you're going to need to play a full game on War On Terra, so go and jump over to the Rules page if you haven't done so already.

What we do ask you to keep in mind, is that War on Terra is an extremely versatile game and using just 2 attachments out of the many we have created might not seem like the "balanced" game you want.

The scary thing for us, and it's why we've been heavily discussing actually giving you these 2 opposing force's Intelligence Records, is that some of you may take this test game as all we have to offer and turn away. This is only for you to get a feel for the rules, not the whole menagerie of models we are yet to bring you. Please keep this in mind.

We recommend starting with a Battle Value (BV) game of 500BV. You won't get a lot of models for this, but it'll be great way to jump into the game.

A few last things to mention:

- Remember, there is no such thing as UNITS! So many games out there require you to keep your models near one another. Not this game! You can start your games with every model by itself and then within your first movement phase group them into one larger Attachment. You might find that in one game you got absolutely stomped on because you had every model separated when the next game you flipped the script and whooped your opponent as you grouped them all together for a few turns. Have fun with it, test it out.

- The Plasma Cohort won't be able to use their Attachment Attribute as you will need one of their Command Attachments in game which we have not provided. I'm sure their range will make up for this. And if not, then have games without both the Tesla Marine Captain and the Plasma Gray Auspex. That should settle any arguments on the tabletop.

- War On Terra really excels in the use of battlefield cover in games. If you feel like you're being shot off the tabletop too easily then dive into some cover and force your opponent to have to roll those lovely D6/D12 Subtractive Rolls to hit you. The use of terrain, like a real-world battlefield, can really swing the balance of power.

- If you have more models to proxy then increase the game to 1000BV, or even 1500BV. The game is now within your grasp to really push those rules and test not only the game but us as well.

If you have any further questions on the gameplay, comment below or head on over to the Forum and create a post on there for us to answer. That would greatly help not only us see if there are any common issues or just help others out who may possibly have the same questions.

Thanks for reading and from both me and Alex, enjoy the test games!

Happy Gaming!

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