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Production and Set Backs

Hello all,

It's been a very long time since my last post but I hope you can all understand that our lives have been on the busier side lately.

For those of you who have already seen the latest update from Kickstarter, then a lot of this may sound familiar but I've recently been reminded that there are a lot of you here that Kickstarter may not have reached.

So, what's going on with War On Terra?

After UKGE2023 finished we immediately started collating all the order details from those of you who had backed us on Kickstarter. This did take some time as we were a bit unsure of the end of the Kickstarter process. It took longer than we thought to receive the money and so it took longer still for us to put orders in on the materials we were gonna need.

Hello to our first hiccough!

The delivery of the resin we placed felt like a significant setback. We put in a huge order for grey resin. Black was delivered.

The correct amount of resin sure...but a completely different colour.

Good old Murphy's Law in action right there.

This meant that the print settings we had spent a lot of time tweaking, so we could hit the ground running, couldn't be used and we had to go through re-tweaking everything! Exposure settings and some of the models needed re-supporting as this new colour didn't like how I'd done it before apparently.

That was my entire August down the drain... or so it felt like it.

With everything as it's going, thankfully we are back on track to getting boxes off early next year.

Saying that I've probably jinxed myself lol

So the models you will be receiving will be in a cool blackish grey instead of the normal grey resin. We've decided to start out production by printing all of the troop models first and making sure they are all bagged up correctly. This will then allow us to print the larger models one at a time completing the starter boxes.

Myself and Alex have also talked about contingencies if there are more delays. One of these is that we will send out the Initiate boxes ahead of your added extras and bonuses. But you will get everything you're owed don't worry!

Model Quality

Whilst doing the conventions and moving our models around from place to place we noticed that we weren't overly happy with some of the parts and how truly fragile the resin was that we were using.

I did some digging around and we have managed to start production with a new mix of resin that really toughens up the models without lowering quality.

We tried different levels of this new mix and could have made almost invincible models but they flexed so well that the paint just peeled off. Which wasn't fun and ended up being a headache.

New Artwork Coming Soon!!

Keep checking back to the website as Alex has been hard at work learning some extra skills and is currently working on producing some awesome artwork for you all to see on the website. A few of these are already up on the website as new header images on the faction pages! Check them out!

We are going to make these downloadable for those that would like a new desktop wallpaper. These will be in high quality as the website lowers the quality a bit.

A look to the future of AWA Game Design

War On Terra may be our first game but AWA Game Design is more than just a table top wargame. Going forward into the future we want to bring you a wider range of games and also include an agnostic model range. These games and models may be our own or from others.

As a look forward, next year, AWA Game Design will be heading back to Kickstarter to bring you more games.

Whilst creating War On Terra we have been steadily creating more games on the side that would not have been possible without the skills that War On Terra has given us.

One you can preview right now using the link below!

Hope you all stay well and thank you all for your incredible patience!

Happy Gaming


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