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Bring On UKGE 2023!

Hello all once again, We are days away now from the 2023 UK Games Expo and I'm going to start off with saying WOW! What a year it's been!

It's only going to be our second time at UKGE, and even with a few more conventions under our belts, it's still just as nerve wracking.

So what can you expect to see from us this year and where can you find us?

Well first off all, what you can expect of me (Will), is I will not be driving through the night from having forgotten essential models and stand components. If you're wondering what I mean by this then head back and read last year's UKGE blog post. That was one painful night.

If you haven't seen it already on our socials, the pictures below show the Stand Number and the name of the location of where we are going to be in Hall 2.

Hall 2 - Stand 1168 on Dice Avenue

We've had a bit of a nosey to who our neighbours are this year so if any of you are reading this, we're really looking forward to meeting you all!

We're also not that far from our friends over at Modular Worlds. They have a real diverse range of models to get your hands on and are also showing off hints of their new game.

We now know the pain of Kickstarter so head on over and click that notify button to help them out! Let's keep sharing the hobby love!

Why are we helping promote another companies game you may ask? Well, we've said from the start that we want War On Terra to be apart of the games you play but not to be the only one. We don't want to take over the market and force our name down your throats. We love the hobby and know that there's more to life than just one game. So, in saying that, I hope you can join us in helping support not only other game creators (be they board games or wargames) but other content creators as well. All of these wonderful games wouldn't be here without them.

As a reminder. our Kickstarter ends on June 5th , the day after the end of the Expo. Plenty of time to still jump in and get your hands on those early Kickstarter goodies. Even though we won't be able to sell you any War On Terra models this year, we wanted to be there in person to show you all that we are who we say we are and to hopefully dispel any worries or doubts you may still have surrounding us, the game, or the Kickstarter.

Accompanying us this year will be our good friend Jason. Jason has helped us in playtesting War On Terra from it's infancy to where it is now. He really has seen us and the game grow from just an idea to what hopefully will become a household name.

During the Expo, Jason will be helping us host short demo games and answer questions about War On Terra.

We can explain rules and go in-depth about lore and model design, as well as the process we've taken to get to where we are now. We understand that we're not absolute experts (yet) but sometimes it's nice hearing advice from those that have just started.

We're not holding anything back and want to prove to you all that War On Terra is going to be here to stay and is not only a game that's fun to play with a Great rule set but also has models to match.

To round of this post I just want to give a shout out to Tom's Tabletop Bunker for hosting yet another Battle Report.

If you haven't seen their first Battle Report then I recommend giving that a watch, as it covers the basics of the game to which this one expands upon them.

With all that being said, we really look forward to seeing you at UKGE and let's all have an incredible weekend!

Thank you all for reading and like always,

Happy Gaming!!

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1 Comment

Neon Synthesis
Neon Synthesis
May 28, 2023

Wish I could of made it Will, would have been great to meet you all in person and play a few games, hope you will be at some local conventions in the future, but if you have any stickers or goodie bags left over let me know id love to get some merch! (I'll pay postage of course), good luck and can't wait to see pictures of the event as it unfolds!

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