The Gray

When myself and Alex first started working on War On Terra, we knew that we wanted to land the setting as close to the reality we all live in as much as possible.

This idea first manifested itself in how we wanted the human general armour to look. We didn't want super beefy manly man man ultra soldiers but a normalised human force built up by technological advancements. This is going to enable us, once we start progressing deeper into future upgrade kits, to add all sorts of characters of all sorts of backgrounds to the ever growing story of War On Terra.

When it came to the first ideas for an opposing force, there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted to base them on the old Roswell aliens.

This style of alien has tons of hypothesis' and lore surrounding them already. It gave us tons to work with to bring you what we think are an amazing set of up and coming miniatures.

Many of you who saw us back in June at the UK Games Expo witnessed a few of the Nilayan Gray's. The smallest of the 3 species that make up the majority of the Gray fighting force.

Inbetween working on other models, we've been slightly changing their look so;

1. They are better for painting. With larger details and thicker edges for those sweet edge highlights.


2. Thicker proportions. This is going to make them a darn sight less fragile and as you can see from the picture below, hasn't done much to the overall look we were happy with.

Here's a new Nilayan next to the one displayed at the Expo...

I can assure you as well that the detail is all right there on the real life model too. So don't worry about the digital renders, you're going to have images of the real models hitting your screens very soon!

Now one thing that really sets the Gray's apart from other forces is their command ability. Depending on the power of what commander you bring to the table you are able to increase the end roll result of any ballistic attacks made by your infantry models. To use this ability they will need help from the Gray's version of a Captain called an Auspex. To differentiate the Auspex from the other Nilayans around them they don a head crest that shows superiority.