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Kickstarter Pre-launch

Hello all once again,

This isn't going to be the longest of blog posts but one that I have been looking forward to making. Though, there is one that I'm looking forward to more, but that's in about a month's time.

The Kickstarter Pre-launch page is live!

For a quick link to the Pre-launch, we've added a link to the 'War On Terra -Kickstarter' page as seen in the image below...

For now, you can't see all of the different pledge levels and details but you can hit that wonderful "Notify me on launch" button to make sure you're not late to the party.

As the Kickstarter Pre-launch page will only allow you to view it in this restricted format, keep checking back to the 'War On Terra -Kickstarter' page as we will continue to put more info about what you can receive from pledging once the Kickstarter goes live.

Thank you all and like always, if you have any questions, contact us on any of our media outlets and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay well and happy gaming!

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