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The Haraka

Hello all once again!

It's getting extremely close to the Kickstarter launch now and I'm not going to lie, I. am. nervous!

We're both still working as much as we can to make sure that come launch day, you get everything that we've been talking about and more. We're also shoulders deep into making some rules videos and a playthrough video to aid you in learning the game.

So with all that being said let's talk about the Haraka!

We knew from the start that we needed a "bug" army. We all love some bugs! Also, with both of us being huge fans of the classic Starship Troopers franchise it was one thing that we had to include.

"Would you like to know more?"

The Haraka started their concept off being called The Symbiotes. It was a name that worked for us while we fleshed things out with not just this force but the others to. This place holder, although knowing it would change, felt right as we wanted them to have a kind of "absorbing"/"assimilation".......thing.

We quickly settled on some amazing lore for their creation and placing within the wider story of War On Terra and was amazed to find real world biological organisms to back up our wacky ideas to somewhat bring the Haraka to life. Joining our imaginations with our love of real world sciences has made for some cool ideas and inspiration.

The Haraka are a multiple bodied single celled organism that completely trumps humanity's ability to figure them out.

No eyes, no mouths, no organs of any kind, just a hardened cellular wall containing an "inner cell" that once compromised to a certain degree just dissolves. After absorbing organic matter, the Haraka are able to divide and go on about their Harakian business at an ever growing rate.

They are our horde army and are wicked quick. Their movement stats are ridiculous compared to the other forces and their ability to cover the board make them a dangerous force to play against. Haraka have next to nothing to offer in way of ranged weaponry, a few barbs shot out here and there and maybe a bit of sticky spit, but they really do excel in close combat.

To make sure they don't get shot off the table, the Brachinid (which is included inside the Initiate Box) can produce a blackened gaseous mass that gives cover to all in range. With organs underneath forcing the gas up and out through what looks like carapace this Affector really does help keep your Haraka alive.

When you're done keeping your Haraka alive and they have reached their destination, the Brachinid can also release another type of gas that inceases their combat skills.

Hope you've enjoyed hearing about the Haraka and a bit about their lore and creation.

War On Terra has so much scope to expand and we already have dozens of models planned for the future of the game. That means more juicy Haraka models!

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask below.

As always...

Cheers for reading and happy gaming!

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