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Busy Busy!

Ok, so first things first. I had planned to do this blog post at the start of the month but life gets away from you when you're busy building a game for you lot.

So what have we been up to then since the UK Games Expo?

After the Expo, I went back to the computer and have been going over not just the models everyone had seen at the Expo but so many new models too. These models needed the slightest of tweaks to make sure that they not only look great for you lot but also piece together correctly once they jump out of the Matrix of my computer and into the real world.

So what am I talking about?

Here's a few models for you all to enjoy.

This is a wonderful model that is part of the Talus force. This BVII-7 Drone is capable of taking advantage of a fun rule called the Subterraneous Special Rule. This means that during the Movement Phase this little machine is able to burrow underground and avoid attack. Slowly moving up the field until the desired location. Careful though, as this means it's technically "off board" and can see you being tabled.

The Ancillary Drone is a wonderful addition in the wider Gray force. It's super quick and can swap out its pair of short range Sononcers for a pair of the other 3 weapons available to the Nilayan Gray's. It's a great model that can join Troop attachments to bolster their attack output if you have any sneaky buffs coming their way.

The first Affector model we get to show you all! The Nanobot Preceptor!

This model is armed with the usual combat blade but brings slightly more firepower than your average Rail Infantry by having a Bilateral Rail Rifle. Twice the shooty.

On her back and connected to her left arm is the Drone control unit. Every turn, depending on what card you draw during the Affector Phase, you'll have the ability to either heal a wound off of one of your precious vehicles or (personally my favourite) send out some lovely drones to place mines on the battlefield. This is going to be awesome in disrupting your opponents movements and further plans.

The Nanobot Preceptor is part of the Human starter force that you will be able to get your hands on when the Kickstarter opens up. This will also include the deck of cards needed to take full advantage of its abilities.

So let's look at that starter force shall we?

Oh they all look so pretty!

Now, I wouldn't be who I am without giving you a taste for what's next.

Have a great day and happy gaming!

Thanks for reading.

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Loving the The Nanobot Preceptor!


It's one of my favourite models so far.

But I will say that I'm in the trap of saying that about every model we print and finish ready for the Kickstarter haha

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