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What A Week

Hello everyone!

The first week of War On Terra's launch on Kickstarter is soon coming to a close.

We have 30 days left in the Kickstarter campaign as of the time this piece is published, and we already inches away to reaching our goal.

I believe it's only fair to give a shout out to those few people who responded so amazingly within the first 10 minutes of the Kickstarter becoming live! Due to our excitement and the early pledges you made, we really didn't get much sleep that night.

We've witnessed a spike in website visitors and members, Instagram followers, and Kickstarter followers this week as a result of some fantastic videos that have appeared online discussing War On Terra.

Our ability to spend more time completing the broader Attachments for each force depends on how far above our aim we go. So let's get to that goal! We still have so much to show you and you can help us bring this to the world.

Credit for this image goes to j_littlen.creates on Instagram for taking this wonderful image at 2022 UKGE.

For those of you who have yet to see the videos featuring War On Terra then look no further.

I've spent the good part of an hour trying to write an in depth description about each video but nothing I write does any of the videos justice so you'll have to accept what I did managed to write.

MS Paints

Great review and unboxing on the Humans vs Grays Initiate Box. This one truly is a video that cannot be described in words.

The Painting Phase

We sit down with The Painting Phase and try to avoid tangents while speaking about designing our very own tabletop wargame.

Tom's Tabletop Bunker

Tom and Rob were an absolute pleasure to meet and drink with at CHILLCON 2023.

They managed with only a handful of promotional Tesla Marines to give you a quick overview of gameplay and the rules. Shows just how easy it is to pick up War On Terra.

Also I hear there may be another Demo Game in the works by these guys so keep your eyes peeled for that one when it goes live!

The Hobby Corner

This is another channel that we were fortunate enough to meet at CHILLCON 2023. Kev is an absolutely great guy and has a very positive community growing around his channel.

We were gracefully featured on his last Livestream painting up a couple of Tesla Marines and chatting about the game.

With those three videos you should have a small glimpse at just how much we want to bring this game into the world. Well, more so than we have done already.

With another couple of videos on their way, keep checking back to this blog post as I will be editing this page to include them.

Hope you enjoy watching those and hope your enjoying War On Terra so far.

Thank for reading and like always,

Happy Gaming!

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