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UK Games Expo 2022 pt.2

Wow what a weekend!!!

First off I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Being not only War On Terra's First Expo but mine too I can admit that I had no idea what I was in for. Needless to say my anxiety was wrongly placed! Everyone we met couldn't have been nicer.

The drive up, regardless of the M25 doing what it does best as the worlds greatest car park, was filled with laughter and singing from all 3 of us. We shoved on a playlist made from all the best early 2000's punk/rock/metal music that fills all our hearts with nostalgia.

Finally arriving and getting in and setting up our little home away from home was...interesting.

Now, not many of you will know this, (Alex and Shaun were keen on sharing this information far and wide) but I had forgotten to pack some vital parts of the display!

Including the Zeus Tank!!!

This meant that while many of you were sleeping on the Thursday night ready for the coming weekend, I was driving through that very same night back to DOVER!!! Self punishment aside I got what we needed and made it back for 7am. So, I had quick wash, a quick coffee, got my head in the game and we finished setting up with but 10 minutes to spare.

All of that right before those barriers were opened and you were all unleashed down those stairs like Theoden leading the Rohirrim from Return of the King.

You know the scene I mean!

Now, anyone reading this who had visited over the weekend would have my head if I didn't speak about the display table Alex had built. Made in secret, no one had seen this table until the Thursday morning when it was time to load up ready for the Expo.

Wow was my mind blown when he switched it on! All those lights, the moving video screen, the miniature wheelie bins, the broken bottles at the bar and far more details to mention.

Apparently there was loads more he wanted to add to the table but seemingly ran out of time. So, in his own words "Wait until next year. I've already got a plan for the next table."

Well, I can't wait until 2023!

Seeing the models we'd designed on this table brought them to life in a way I'd not known yet. To then have you all compliment them just meant so much to us as we'd never even dabbled into model design before working on War On Terra.

During the Friday we were Interviewed by On Tabletop. A bit of me still wishes that they'd swung by on the Saturday as on Friday I was, well...a tad bit tired. Yeah, stick with that.

It was a fun interview that neither of us were expecting. You can find the interview on YouTube by searching for War On Terra or AWA Game Design.

We spoke to many more people and a few more cameras so I'm personally really looking forward to seeing those when they appear.

To wrap this all up I'd just like to do huge thank you to all of those who got their hands on the Promo Tesla Marine. Your purchase helps us to carry on doing what we're doing to bring you all War On Terra.

For those who stopped by and had a chat and/or played a bit of the game, hope you enjoyed what you saw.

And finally to everyone, hope you had an amazing weekend and I look forward to seeing all of you next time.

Thanks for reading.

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