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Mark Hogan
Jul 10, 2022
Visited your booth at the games expo on the 4th, purchased 2 models while I was there. Was in the middle of another painting project at the time so only recently was able to put together and paint them. Painted my first marine as if he was a standard combat unit. Sporting a red colour scheme with a black base coat, I only had a standard matt black spray can at the time. Khorne red as the base red paint not wanting to have a too bright colour. Gave the model a slight Nul oil wash for the recesses and edge highlight / dry brush Wazdaka red and evil suns Scarlet. Stormhost silver on the unit spinal, which I assumed was like a power supply and in the centre of the chest disk plate. Tassadar blue contrast paint was applied on top of the Stormhost silver. With the second model I wanted to do something slightly different. Using some green stuff I made a cloak for the model. This unit was to be a stealth unit, the armour was coated with a black base coat then a light spray of white from the top right. Then giving the white areas a few layers of Coelia Greenshade, this was to give the appearance as if the unit was de - cloaking. The cloak was given a black base coat followed by a dry brush of Eshin Grey then Clestia grey. Went with a simple approach with the colours but felt it all combined well together. Both bases was given a coating of Vallejo Stone texture. Then given a Abaddon black base coat with a dry brush of Eshin grey followed by a wash of Nule oil. Using some tape I applied to an area on the first model a coat of Corax white and the second model Averland Sunset. This was to make the bases look like the models are on some form of roading.
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Mark Hogan

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