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71000 BCE


As far as we can gather the Haraka have been in existence in a similar form for millions of years and around 71000 years ago evolved to a stage that allowed them to travel from planet to planet seeding new life wherever they landed. This is achieved when a large enough number to Haraka combine without dividing to create a huge entity called a Planetary Seeder. The Planetary Seeder can seemingly sense the rough direction of nearby planets and/or other planetary bodies and fire out a wave of 'ova' in that direction (see, siel-Ex882a - A study of Harakian 'extra-sensory' planetary location, with relation to interplanetary 'seeding'). A huge amount of energy is needed to send out a successful barrage of planet seeding 'ova' and only seems to take place when a planets organic resources are critically low. This process allowed the Haraka to efficiently and quickly flood whole solar systems, destroying anything in their path.

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