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62000 BCE


The Origin evolved on Kaliya in the Thuban star system. It seems that they arrived at their current recognisable form several million years ago. Huge creatures with tapering bodies dragged along the ground by their lumbering arms to catch the barely moving, abundantly available creatures they subsisted on. Due to them rising to become the overpoweringly dominant species on the planet it led to them remaining effectively unchanged throughout this time.

For reasons unknown to us, around 62000BCE there was a shift in this paradigm and the Origin were forced to drastically evolve their behaviours, resulting in basic forms of agriculture and shelter. This led over time, as it more often than not seems to in 'intelligent' beings, to the creation and desire for government, superiority, groupthink and technology.

Over the next few thousand years the primitive nature of their early civilisations quickly grew out to become thriving utopian conglomerates. Alongside, and arguably stronger than, their cultural developments was their aspirations for technical ability, scientific prowess and exploration.

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