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46000 BCE


On celestial bodies where organic material levels remain high despite increasing numbers of Haraka, several Planetary Seeders are able to 'combine' in order to form a monstrous beast known as an Interstellar Seeder. These colossal creatures are able to fire far larger Interstellar Ova out of orbit at blistering speeds.

Although we are far from sure how this works, it seems that the precise chemical makeup and perfect electrostatic resonance allows certain ova to 'phase' into the Latent and travel interstellar distances at faster than light speeds. Find out more about the Latent HERE. Not all ova phase into the Latent and it appears to depend mainly on an ovum's size and chemical composition [see, siel-Ex293m - Harakian Interstellar Ova's rate of successful LSSF phasing in relation to abundant organic materials elemental composition].

Although impossible to accurately determine, we can hypothesise that the Interstellar Seeder may be aware of the Latents' existence, and attempts to produce ova resonating at the correct frequency in order to match the phasing frequency of the LSSF.

Whether the Haraka have awareness of the Latent or not the process of Interstellar Seeding allowed them to expand across neighbouring star systems considerably faster than was achievable by Interplanetary Seeding alone.

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