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38000 BCE


It is believed that after many millennia of prolonged torpor the majority of Haraka were finally awoken by the arrival of another archaic race. This immemorial race [known to humans as the Origin] were in the process of continuing their exploratory colonisation of neighbouring star systems.

Initial Origin scouting expeditions into the Giausar star system revealed numerous habitable planetary bodies fit for settlement. It is believed that the already existing masses of Harakian lifeforms in this sector were not picked up by preliminary scouting missions as they were just as 'alien' to the Origin as they appear to us and therefore were not recognised as either a lifeform or a threat.

As the Giausar system showed no detectable signs of life from a distance, the Origins' scouting vessels were surveying planets from orbit instead of landing for reconnoitre, which only helped to exacerbate the error.

A flood of colony ships entered the system shortly after initial reports deemed several planetary bodies suitable for settlement and headed towards Kuraokami, Orochi and Tatsu.

The intense vibrations of the Origin landing craft shot through the atmosphere and stirred the Haraka, causing bioluminescent sparks to spread across their carapaces. By the time the Origin observed the expanding wave of neon light they had already touched down and it was too late.

The presence of fresh and abundant organic material instantly roused the 'sleeping' Haraka hordes causing them to swarm the vessels. At this time the Origin had not yet encountered any intelligent lifeforms and therefore the lack of any military personnel and defensive measures led to a massacre.

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