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War On Terra is a table top miniature wargame designed & created by Alex Weber and Will Anton of AWA Game Design.

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Players control and use a wide selection of miniatures, representing different types of soldiers and vehicles, to fight battles between various warring forces and factions. Battles take place on custom game boards or on table tops laid out with to scale scenery to mimic real life environments. Players make measurements to move their models around the battle ground and to shoot at the enemy. Other game actions are decided through a combination of dice rolls and card draws.

Learn how to play War On Terra HERE.

War On Terra is set in the year 2348. After Humans back-engineered faster than light travel and colonised most habitable bodies in the Helius System they sent out waves of Probes containing self replicating Talus robotics in order to prepare other star systems for their arrival. We had no way of knowing that the Grays were trying to shroud their existence and were hostile to any intrusion into their sector. As the skirmishes continued, little did any side know that we were all about to be swept up in an archaic conflict between the Haraka and Watchers as it passed through the galaxy.

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There are a lot of miniature war games out there to choose from, so why would you play War On Terra?

A lot of time and effort has been invested into making War On Terra a very different war gaming experience, and not just different for the sake of being different. A faster and more intuitive 'model by model' rule set allows the game to be played effectively at a small skirmish level all the way up to a mammoth full army clash all without having to adapt the rules, gameplay or mechanics.

The overriding concept was to make War On Terra the 'Chess' of the war gaming world.

"All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master"

[Nolan Bushnell]

Without tainting the core elements of a sci-fi miniature war game, as many aspects of the game as possible have been streamlined to make learning the game a fast, easy and enjoyable process, even for the novice player.

However, with the huge variety of models and weaponry at your disposal as well as new and innovative ways that certain game aspects can play out, War On Terra has become the pinnacle of strategic table top warfare. Every action of each individual model has to be thought through carefully as it can determine the overall outcome of the battle.


The scope of War On Terra's perfectly balanced rules and gameplay allows for a full spectrum of experiences, from a fun casual battle between first time players all the way up to an intense meeting of minds for the seasoned expert gamer.

The game is designed in such a way as to be insanely fun and exciting right from the first time you play, with its enjoyment level growing with you exponentially as your skill level and understanding improve.

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