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***This is a pre-order late pledge item and will be delivered alongside our Kickstarter pledges. Delivery is estimated to be around October 2023.***



The Initiate pledge will allow you to get your hands on a War On Terra Initiate Box and start playing before the game's future retail launch.

The Initiate Box is presented in a stunning magnetic-close black box with an embossed metallic design and includes everything needed to play a full game of War On Terra. This includes;

  • Full game rule book [A5 full colour paperback]

  • Intel records for each included model type

  • War On Terra 60" Measuring tape

  • Severe storm planetary deck (30 cards)

  • 2 x Affector Decks (44 cards)

  • Quick reference information cards

  • 3 x D20 dice

  • 3 x D12 dice

  • 3 x D6 dice

  • War On Terra directional dice

  • Acrylic 6" blast marker

  • 4 x Command tokens

  • 5 x Location markers

  • Battle ground centre point marker

  • 2 full armies worth of multi-pose resin miniatures

  • Pop out hard-board printed terrain pieces including; 2 x research buildings, 1 x walkway bridge, 3 x corrugated metal fences and 8 x concrete barriers


With all the War On Terra forces being very different, both in aesthetics and play style, we are allowing backers to choose which 2 of the 4 opening forces they would like to receive in their Initiate Box!


  • This is a pre-order only item and will be treated as a Kickstarter pledge. This item will be dispatched at the same time as pledges from the Kickstarter and the delivery date is estimated to be around October 2023.

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